@gmphap1 interesting. I too have been on that journey and would consider myself agnostic, so no fear of "God going to get me". But I have reconstructed my values and still feel that objectification isn't cool. I wonder why the desire for you and @mike would just go simply because there's not a God going to smite you any more. It certainly hasn't worked that way for me. Thanks for your thoughts though.

@gmphap1 I definitely agree. Can you hash out a bit more of your thoughts on why this was so powerful? I'm a cis, straight, male. Objectification of women was by far the biggest focus of my life as a Christian. I'm not sure that I entirely agree with @mike though that deconstructing this has led to a freedom from this. I'm a feminist ally, and sexually monogamous, and my conviction to not 'lust' after women remains, as does much of the shame.

@alanburns This sounds cool and I'm enjoying the concept, but I think I need to probe it a bit more 😂

So the soul has it's own time dimension, which isn't our time dimension, but we experience it as our present?

What is the mechanism through which we have the ability to make one decision or another? Or, why would a soul make one decision or another? Are they all created equal? If so, what would cause one to do something different than another?

My question is... given that SUSY is now extremely unlikely as we can't find anything whatsoever in the data from the collisions, and we don't have any other leading explanations (that I'm aware of?), are we now left with the random chaos of the multiverse? And where does God fit in to that? Even the 'Einsteinian God' seems difficult to see to me given our perceived beauty of the universe might only exist as random chaos. @mike maybe one for ?

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I just finished watching the documentary "Particle fever" about the Large Hadron Collider and I have a question that I'm hoping someone can help me out with?..

The documentary depicts the result of the collision, and in particular the mass of the higgs boson, as being conclusive as to whether Supersymmetry theory (SUSY) or multiverse theory is most likely. It then subtly makes reference to SUSY being an intelligent designers route for creation and the multiverse being just a chaotic randomness.

@alanburns I can't load the thread for some reason...

I'm interested in this though because I have been looking for a way to be convinced that I do have any element of free will. Have you read Sam Harris' book "freewill"? I don't think this is just an atheist argument though. Even with a non-materialist view, such as consciousness existing outside physical nuerology, I still can't see how we have any freewill in the choices that we make. Can you explain your understanding of free will?

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