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a related analogy I've also found useful: bigots and the like need to be banned for the same reason that you can't be a creationist in an upper level biology class. at some point the conversation is being held back because while the class is attempting to discuss molecular genetics, some clown in the back row keeps holding up the class with questions about how come there's still monkeys if we evolved from monkeys

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@fructose_dealer If you ever visit Texas, you should change your username to Y'allFatale

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Changing Churches 

I didn’t think switching to this affirming church would be so fucking hard. I have supportive people from the old church but I know our relationships will change because of this. The grief of losing a faith community is real y’all.

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i will legit record myself singing Nickleback if this toot gets 100 boosts

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trigger warning - gender questions for a newb 

IF this seems offensive, I assure you that I mean only to educate myself on the 'why' behind the culture here, not to question anyone's identity.

zombified tarantula 

A tarantula infested with the cordyceps mushroom. Pic borrowed from a mushroom identification group on social media.

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Why did the man fall into a well? 

He couldn't see that well.

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falacious but funny 

I'm just saying, maybe if evangelicals had read Harry Potter, they'd be better at recognizing facism.

@mike The episode "Man" leaves me wishing for another episode on "Masculinity". Is there time in y'all's scheduled programming for exploring the art of manliness in such a way that doesn't prop itself up with ego and patriarchy?

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I wonder if joshua harris listens to the liturgists.

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Hey fedi- I used to work at a thrift store; and if you are donating some old books, here are some that aren't worth the resources spent transporting, sorting, and pricing them because they just don't sell:
- cookbooks
- dictionaries
- encyclopedias
- best seller novels like HP, Twilight, The Hunger Games, etc. So many of these are donated that most don't move
- self-help books, especially best sellers, for the same reason
- Chicken Soup for anyone's soul
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Need perspectives on mindfulness 

As I'm cultivating greater compassion, nonjudgement, and love for myself and others, it feels like I have brought into existence a degree of emotional awareness that doesn't correspond to my upbringing and past experiences much at all. It's untamed and raw. Those of you who are experienced meditators, how do you process these increases in the plane of the soul?

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religion ✝️, anarchism 

The antagonists of the New Testament included two separate kings of Judea, religious authorities, religious fundamentalists, Roman tax collectors, Roman police, a Roman governor who was "only doing his job" and thus denied responsibility for the horrible state-sponsored execution he ordered, the Roman empire in general really, and a fucking snitch

and you're telling me Christianity isn't inherently anti-authoritarian?

By far, the best part of mindfulness meditation is learning to not take each and every thought so seriously. Not only does this help me remain calm, but I also can learn more quickly and adapt to new situations with ease

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