Booked all my logistics for the End of the World Tour in LA on the 6th. Who all is going to be there??

I was very scared of the mark of the beast growing up!

Liturgists podcast has eclipsed Joyce Meyer on iTunes

Fear episode has me in a ball of tears. Made the mistake of listening before I’m supposed to be on a coffee date.

So a dear old friend of mine and I had a long conversation and he wants me to listen to an episode of the Rubin report. I feel like I shouldnt post without knowing anything about this guy. Is this worth listening to? My friend feels the Bible should be taken literal and feels I am “picking and choosing” if I critique anything in it. We had a good dialogue at least. He’s worried I’m going to hell though since I don’t believe in a a typical evangelical way

I love that you make toots in here. I listened to TATR episode that mentions this site and SM sold me! I have no idea what I’m doing though. I live in DC and actually met some Liturgists this weekend!

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