Has consciously shifted/changed your name as an adult?

I’m going through some transitions in my life and after listening to the names episode, again, yesterday I’m considering shifting mine.

@Shoshana Within my family we're trying to pick a shared last name for all three of us, and finding it surprisingly difficult! It has revealed some interesting biases, and some emotional ties to our families of origin that are stronger than we realized.

@kelseyv64 For me I think I want to go back to the shortened version of my first name that I used as a kid.

@Shoshana Cool! What do you think is drawing you back to that name? Does it feel like going back to an old identity, or forming a new one?

@kelseyv64 it originally changed when I went off to college, much easier than trying to correct everyone, without putting much thought into it.

Being “an adult” has been rough go of it but now I’m at a good place that I feel I should have been at long time ago. It just feels like I’ve come full circle I guess?

@Shoshana When I turned 18, I took my mom's maiden name as my last name. I had had a big falling out with my father, and I didn't want to be associated with him or reminded of him every time I saw or heard my name. My dad and I have reconciled somewhat in the years since, but I don't regret at all changing my name.

@Philexvy @Shoshana Hans Lander is one of the most menacing bad guys in cinema history. I mean menacing is its most unnerving and nasty way.

@Philexvy 🤣🤣🤣

Btw, Shoshana is such a common Hebrew name it’s like Jennifer here in the states.

(If you ever need a random factoid ima fount of useless knowledge. )

@Shoshana I've not shifted my name. My name means "Manly" from the Greek ἀνδρός which is pronounced andros (kind of). I have lately been viewing it as a chance to redeem the meaning. What a man can be... I used to hate the nickname Andy but only because my family (parents, aunts and uncles) did so for some reason. But I quite like it now.

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