Tabs and wafers

For anyone who went to Denver or Portland and paid extra for the Q&A, was it worth it?

(Probably a silly question, I know!)

@Shoshana Not a silly question at all. I went to both, and had a lot of fun—but I didn’t have to pay.

You get in an hour before everyone else, so if you want a seat down front, it helps. @vishnu and I do a 30 to 40 minute Q&A before doors open for everyone else.

@Shoshana I don’t know that it was for the content itself. But I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the other early folks. Also, you get good seat.

@Shoshana I paid the extra for the Gungor End of the World Tour Q&A and it was worth it. I would probably do the same at T&W.

@Shoshana Not a silly question. I paid extra. I really enjoyed the interactive experience with them and hearing their answers. I asked the first question since people were shy to be the first one (and I’m glad I did). And having them answer my question was a wonderful experience. To feel their compassion and sincerity...I’m glad I did it. It’s still a great show even if you don’t do Q&A. If you’re really interested then do it!

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