I’ll have to research some more to know whether I feel attacked or not.

Despite the freedom of this instance i am still hesitant to speak my mind for fear of someone I know stumbling upon my account. On another note, I haven’t been to a church service since Easter and I’ve never felt more at peace on Sundays.

I just had to buy a baby proofing item to keep our swinging kitchen door closed. Our kitty ate our basil plant today after pushing her way in.

I released a new on science literacty today. I hope people listen, because wow, we need more science literacy these days. asksciencemike.podbean.com/e/e

Evangelical radio 

Evangelical radio 

The queers are showing us how to save the world

source: am watching Queer Eye S3

This is my girl Ripley. She’s the best bunk mate and makes the best biscuits!

@Stee I also wonder where these would rank on @mike 9/9 scale for movies?

All right Star Wars fans, Prequels, Original, or Sequels?

I feel like this is what I wanted in a The Liturgists subreddit.

Hi all! My name is Stephen and I live in the southern United States. I am married to the woman of my dreams and have 3 beautiful kitties. I play guitar at my church that I’ve attended my whole life and most days, I’m okay with that. I have a deep love for this crazy big universe that calls us home and I like to pretend that I’m deep and philosophical. In reality, I just like discussions about things that I don’t always have a firm grasp on but I love learning new things.

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