I’ll have to research some more to know whether I feel attacked or not.

Despite the freedom of this instance i am still hesitant to speak my mind for fear of someone I know stumbling upon my account. On another note, I haven’t been to a church service since Easter and I’ve never felt more at peace on Sundays.

I just had to buy a baby proofing item to keep our swinging kitchen door closed. Our kitty ate our basil plant today after pushing her way in.

I released a new on science literacty today. I hope people listen, because wow, we need more science literacy these days. asksciencemike.podbean.com/e/e

Evangelical radio 

@Stee I think this says loads about the current state of the evangelical community. Creation is crying.

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Evangelical radio 

I was listening to an evangelical radio show that was playing at work. A caller was talking about climate change and the scientific proof of it. He had a really respectful tone and was extremely patient with them. Their response was that none of that was scriptural and that neither humans nor God can destroy the earth, that the earth must go through changes as predicted in the Bible. When asked if he, the caller, could add one thing, their response was “it won’t do any good.”

The queers are showing us how to save the world

source: am watching Queer Eye S3

This is my girl Ripley. She’s the best bunk mate and makes the best biscuits!

@Stee I also wonder where these would rank on @mike 9/9 scale for movies?

All right Star Wars fans, Prequels, Original, or Sequels?

I feel like this is what I wanted in a The Liturgists subreddit.

Hi all! My name is Stephen and I live in the southern United States. I am married to the woman of my dreams and have 3 beautiful kitties. I play guitar at my church that I’ve attended my whole life and most days, I’m okay with that. I have a deep love for this crazy big universe that calls us home and I like to pretend that I’m deep and philosophical. In reality, I just like discussions about things that I don’t always have a firm grasp on but I love learning new things.

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