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Music recommendations? Something with spiritual or social justice messaging.


When I tell my 4 year old I love him he normally responds with “I love you. Even. More.” I told him tonight that made my heart smile. His response? “Oh, that’s so pretty!” 😍

So we took our kids on a vacation during a school week. Now my 4th grader is having extreme problems becoming motivated to do makeup work. Advice? Alternatively, come punch me in the face. It would be less painful. Lol

So smart people. Let me ask a question. Net neutrality is the subject. Is there ANY evidence that a net neutrality repeal will foster innovation? A coworker tried to argue with me that allowing ISPs to throttle would lead others to innovate faster ways to transfer data. This seems like the absolute dumbest argument to get rid of net neutrality to me. Thoughts?

I’m curious if you’ve heard of or are familiar with aphantasia? And what that means for meditative practice? Basically I’m either a non-visualizer or extremely low visualizer. I didn’t know people actually *see* stuff when they talk about “envisioning” I though that was metaphorical not literal. So. Meditative practice that includes visualization techniques are not like super useful to me. I think it’s a detriment AND a superpower.

This is so much like early twitter before twitter made me feel like I didn’t matter - I love it!

# introduction I’m a mid-thirties Mom of two boys, engineer, married to a super awesome guy @KevinRB. Love the opportunity to participate in this community. I’ve stepped away from social media several times, but most recently was drawn back in following Hurricane Michael (major major disaster where I live) there just literally was no other source of information like it. I’d love to see the social community shift away from monitization though.

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