My name is Emily. I was raised charismatic Pentecostal, took a sharp right turn to Calvinism in college and then got married in that dark cavern. Had kids; threw all belief off. Am now drawn to mysticism w healthy dose of skepticism. Love womanist theology but still v new to it. So more in flux now trying to reconstruct. Alongside a spouse who is still fundie. AND we’re raising two kids together. It’s confusing and lonely. Hi.

@emkem Random question...when you say Calvinism what exactly do you mean. I've heard the guys say that, too. Is it Presbyterian or something else? 🙂


@Shoshana @emkem Many others here will know a lot more than me, so I'll just point to their five point beliefs on Wikipedia as a starting place:

Calvinism is generally set at one end of a theological spectrum, opposite Armenianism.

@TMorley @Shoshana thanks Tyler. Don’t have time or mental health to revisit that mess lol NOT TODAY, PRETEND SATAN 🖤🖤🖤 but thanks for asking Shoshana 💘

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