@Taylor_McDonald2010 We need to pray more, use tongues more, be drunk in the Holy Spirit more”.

Anyone else have issues with this shit!?

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I think this might be my last Sunday at church. Another service and Sunday about how the “enemy” stops us from being the “Christian” we are called to be. We then were told a message about fighting against the sin or “homosexuality, depression, mental health, other religions” etc. Then we were told to be strong and courageous, be soldiers for God, put on the armour and if we do these things “we” will be saved and we will be “protected and blessed”

Prayers for all amazing humans and their whanau in the midst of the horrible acts here in Christ Church! Standing with you guys and thoughts and prayers are with you heaps!

@mike willing to guide me in a direction of a somewhat “Kin Men” idea here. Would love to be able to attend but I’m in New Zealand but the desire and passion to create a space of that nature is a need
And want here but unfortunately our “churches” here just do the gun, blowing up style of men’s retreats and of course the LGTBQ community is def not wanted invited or even talked about and neither is it for guys and young men who don’t like bombs lol .
Would love to
Chat if your interested

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@mike hey, was wondering if I could have some info. The men conversation is a big deal to
Me. What is it, where it comes from, where it should go, etc. it seems that by hearing and listening to you guys the conversation is finally moving in a different place, BUT, how did you guys start the project of Kin Men. I’ve been sharing with several people regarding what you guys have been discussing and there is a desire to have that kind of retreat here and was just wondering if you might be

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@Taylor_McDonald2010 I live here in New Zealand and have been listening to and hearing from some who have shared a little about a different type of men’s retreat and am definitely interested in building and starting someone of the “Kin Men” type of retreat unfortunately I don’t live in the USA so was just wondering how to learn, get resources and begin the process of bringing something like the “Kin Men” to our place in the world? @mike any ideas and have any time to maybe chat to me about that?

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Why do we feel that every single men’s retreat has to have guns, chainsaws, things to blow up etc and we call this “manly” and we call this “being a man” why do some places feel that this is the ONLY WAY to teach young boys about manhood!!

Why can’t girls come?
Why do we exclude boys who don’t like these things?

I work in the community I want to do a retreat that is different and that talks aboit and shares in a more intimate way?

Ideas welcome please!

Tired of the same “manly” ideas here !

Where I live there is no place for meditation. Do any of your amazing humans have any recommendations on how to start, teach, learn and begin meditations where there might not be anything of real value ?

Through the first 3 chapters and wow, the 3rd chapter was so eye opening and yet really hard for my to read and so yes I read that chapter again and said to myself....

Is it bad to highlight an entire chapter lol!

Good reading my friends looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks so far!

So good

@Taylor_McDonald2010 maybe “little to say” is not the wrong wordings. Do we talk openly about these things, look into these things, educate our students and children about these things?

Seems we like listening to Americans talk and discuss these things but do we long for and dive into these discussions about our past and heritage and what are we doing to bring it up and make it relevant here?

Thoughts ??

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Do you think Kiwi’s and Aussies ever really think about race, white privilege etc?

As conversations about sexism, gender and race are so profoundly discussed “FINALLY” it does seem that we don’t really think about it deeply in those ways, I could be wrong.

Have had some conversations with “white people”about the conflicts of our past in terms of Land Treaties, gender and nationalist laws, Maori and aboriginal wrong doings and it seems we have little to say about this topic?

I just copied this!
From @mike Really powerful post here from my friend Andre Henry talking about his experience being abandoned by white friends for talking about racism. Worth a read for anyone who cares about being a supportive friend. andrerhenry.com/thoughts/2019/

Good thing to think about racism in our two countries as well....something to ponder

This is personal: just watched The mask you live in movie and..wow! As a man who has a 2.5 year old who lives in a small country, NZ, where “manliness” and “suicide” are so massive it has really impacted me tonight.

Can anyone respectively give me some resources on parenting, boys, teens, etc.

I was raised to “be a man” but what I want for Lukah is to be able to cry, smile, love, understand his white privilege, trust me and value his own life.

Would love some info!

Kia Ora everyone!

If your a kiwi/Aussie and loving this space could be a space to chat and share for this if us who might be out of the USA loop on things but still love to keep up and talk about issues, books, and the podcasts things this could be something cool!

Chur 🤙🏽

@propaganda just open my eyes in a deep way with a one liner:

“The bible says God and Neighbor not God and country”

Wow.... 😮

Loving the Red Couch podcast!

So challenged by you and your wife’s passion for info, people, culture and honesty

Get into this fam if you haven’t checked it out yet

Giving Mastodon a try...
Recently attended Lit Gathering in Nashville. Was surprised to find at age 52 I was among the most elderly there. Being older AND introverted I was pretty uncomfortable and left soon after it began. (Seeing the drums and guitar up front were scary too - not ready for anything resembling praise and worship - been there, led that ! ) Not blaming anyone though as many seemed into it and have read many positive comments on FB. Just curious if others felt similarly to me?

The church I attend is paying $ to bring an “evangelist/gifted” speaker to share for 2 days about how to evangelise to our community and how to share with them to get the to “turn away/get healed/set free” from the devil, sin, and other doctrines. 🤮 My friends are upset that I refuse to attend.

Saddens 😥 me that these kinds of things are still happening. I’m Just not sure why this is thought to be “good news”

Free from what is what I asked them.....didn’t go well 🤔

I’m on this “finding myself” journey of trying to Rethink and deconstruct the things I’ve been taught and been forced to believe about a God, spirituality, love, etc. does anyone else find it hard to do this? Sometime I feel like just throwing the baby out with the bath water but then I guess.....how do you relearn things and believe differently? I want to believe but I guess I don’t know how? Is this wrong, weird, possible to think like this?


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