Kia Ora everyone!

If your a kiwi/Aussie and loving this space could be a space to chat and share for this if us who might be out of the USA loop on things but still love to keep up and talk about issues, books, and the podcasts things this could be something cool!

Chur 🤙🏽

@Taylor_McDonald2010 Hi there! I was chatting with a couple folks from AUS the other day. There are a few of us. :) I'm on Phillip Island near Melbourne Australia. I will follow and try to use !

@trav sick bro!! I have a couple mates that live there as well! Such an epic place

@Taylor_McDonald2010 cheers for this. I think whilst there are a lot of commonality with our US cousins for those of us in NZ in particular need to grapple with what does being progressive mean in terms of Te Ao Māori & honouring Te Tiriti?

@nzmike Love this and def agree! the great thing about listening and gathering so many resources is that it allows us to apply these to our own culture in some ways.

Would enjoy talking more about Te Ao Māori and honouring Te Tiriti and how we can communicate our desires of racial conciliation, community, religion, culture, etc and how we can honour this space!

So... since ya asked? Maybe how do we move into this space as we look at more progressive ideas and thoughts in relation to this?

@Taylor_McDonald2010 really good question. I think a key to this would be to make space for Māori theology in our lives. Seek to sit at the feet of Māori to learn. I’ve just got back from Waitangi where a bit of that happened. Part of my hikoi with an amazing group called Karuwha was to be a part of an Anglican liturgical church service conducted in Te Reo. It was so beautiful. I think we also need to learn our history too - good and bad.

@nzmike awesome stuff! I think you hit the mark mate when ya said “no our history good and bad”. Had a good convo with a mate yesterday who ended the conversation with,

“there was a war and they lost and now they have a pay out so they should be happy and move on”

Was quite shocking and quite sad and just really opened my eyes to the fact that the “fact and the history” are not really common knowledge.

What is crazy......he’s a teacher !

@Taylor_McDonald2010 omg! As a teacher he should know better but this simply reiterates the need to teach the Treaty & our nation’s history & for it to be compulsory. All this incorrect info out there only succeeds in keeping the status quo. My retort to your friend would be, “if I took your house, kicked you out, developed it over years, made shitloads of $$ then gave you the garden shed with an apology for stealing the land in the 1st place, is that fair?” It’s what we did & do now to Māori.

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