my band, Music, video linked has upsetting images 

fashion launch, DJ, promotion of personal work 

I see u @mike 👀 lol can't wait for Gungor to go up!!!!

Christ Shtuff 


So weird, I find myself having bursts of sharing and interacting on social media platforms. I find myself usually lurking for about a month, just liking and favoriting other's posts & then have a day or 2 of hyper activity, commenting, posting, doing. And then complete aversion to it. Back to lurking. Any one else?

body shame 

@vishnu loved the THIS podcast on Happiness. The scoring you did for it was great, The Bass sections especially, and the string swell on genital stimulation was amazing

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Dear humans, I would like to propose an unlabeled two week addition to the calendar where nothing is allowed to be scheduled. Thank you for your consideration.

@mike @vishnu hey where's the Buddhism episode 3 on the Patreon? Heard on the main podcast that it would be there but I Just don't see it yet 🤷🏻‍♂️

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PSA toot: do not give up on this platform because you are afraid you aren’t deep enough, or have the right book to recommend, or scientific theory to cite. You are welcome here. Playfulness, encouragement, and sharing joy - is welcome here.

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Well, it turns out the city I live in has an NFL team called the Rams, and they’re playing in the Super Bowl today. Thanks, Lyft driver.


Idk why, but this super bowl (which hasn't even started yet) just the idea of it all & going to the local Walmart to pick up baby wipes and having LINES out the door with everyone in their football cosplay buying foods is bumming me out, I know it's all fun & games and connections for people... But the tribal energies is just getting old 🤷🏻‍♂️ anyone else?

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I’m really enjoying this community, but if I’m honest, I’m finding it hard to fight the urge to post things that are self promotional. On the other social networks I feel this subtle pressure to post “impressive” things in order to get likes and shares. And then I worry if people will see through it and react negatively. Now that I’m here, I’m not sure what to post. Because I don’t really know what it looks like to just share my authentic self. But I’m excited to figure it out.

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