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I've spent the morning playing with my crippling anxiety, deep sober joy, restlessness, boredom, righteous indignation, and appreciation/disbelief that I get to be here on this earth right now. And now maybe loneliness that I'm sharing this with strangers. I'm open to it all.

Pondering as I sip coffee at ‘Uncle Leroys’ coffee in my home town of Anchorage Alaska. These days this is my pseudo Sunday morning community. Eclectic group that I enjoy very much ..including this mornings live music by my friend Cal accompanied by his retriever rebar.

At this stage in my ‘deconstruction’, I must admit that I feel the hypocrite when mingling with friends from xJesus life AND when mingling with liturgist crowds. I am a Cranky judgmental Nomad adrift in a sea of doubt. Sigh.

I will not @:(;-! run and hide.

Just needed to state that. Enneagram 9 management technic. Embrace the tide!

Happy Tuesday.

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