@Scott Happy Birthday Scott! I love that you are my enneagram and bday twin! Let’s 🎉 !

I have always connected to the divine in nature. When I moved from Missouri where I lived on a lake to Oklahoma where it is flat and the nearest water is a sandbar you can only drive over and has no points of access, I still after almost three years haven’t found a nature spot. We have a farm, though and sometimes I take the kids on drives through the farm roads and I’m struck with a different kind of beauty and a different kind of connection with the divine. This is the river/sandbar/farm

As a result of teaching on poetry and metaphor today, I used a quote from Lauren F. Winner’s “Wearing God”. I haven’t read it but now it is on my list. Anyone read it? It fit perfectly with the “Mother God” poem. My students wrote their own metaphor for what or who they thought God was. Some broke my heart. One boy wrote, “God is like my Dad. Mean and punishing when I’m not what he wants but I guess he doesn’t give up on me. Poem over.”

Teaching art and poetry today at a conservative Christian homeschool academic day. I love these kids! I have to filter my poetry interpretations though sometimes 😁

Tonight’s liturgist forum surfing is brought to you by the morning nectar- coffee because I can’t afford to get sleepy from night nectar with 5 loads of laundry to fold 😴 ☕️. So tired that I’m coming up with drinking games. Every time I come to a piece of underwear I drink! 🧺

Some of my are...
- gardening (flower farm)
- rock and mineral geek
- botany and botanical illustration
- sketching, painting, illustrating
- always in the process of writing a book in scrivener
- reading
- listening to podcasts
- researching the human brain
- personality typing like the enneagram and myers briggs
- I have an MH in Herbalism
- philosophy
- poetry
- camping, nature, water
I'm sure there is more, I rotate obsessions 😜

I’ve read a lot of Systematic Theology in my predeconstruction days and was a devout C.S. Lewis student (I still think sensucht is beautiful) but I’ve only dipped my toe into other faith traditions. At the risk of sounding like a Gungor/liturgist/sciencemike groupie- I view them as sort of a gateway in my transition into deeper awareness. Right now, I’m reading Lisa Gungors “The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen” and I’m just nodding my head through the whole thing, crying. 💕 What a gift.

Please tell me there is a way to go back and edit toots? 😂. Leaving typos drives me crazy. I think it’s my 1 wing 😬.

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