Teaching art and poetry today at a conservative Christian homeschool academic day. I love these kids! I have to filter my poetry interpretations though sometimes 😁

@TheWildflowerist That's awesome! Who are you reading as far as poetry goes?

Also, that is some high grade 3D drawing there, my friend. Pops right off the screen for me.

@TheWildflowerist Another quick look at the picture tells me you're covering Coleridge, so that answers my question XD

@thewestislandsystem Thanks!
I just finished 3rd hour. As we got to each new subsection of the poem there were groans, "Ugh how LONG is this poem???" They still giggle when I read the words "breast", "gay" and "weathercock". My other class maturity level is way different and we are starting with a metaphor poem about God. I seriously have mind to play Mother God for them. I think these particular three female students would dig it.

@TheWildflowerist Haha, oh my goodness, how old are these kids? And yes! Slowly open up their world!

Have fun! I often get to teach postmodernism and performance theory to conservative Christian college kids. Shakespeare is also a fun topic

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