I have always connected to the divine in nature. When I moved from Missouri where I lived on a lake to Oklahoma where it is flat and the nearest water is a sandbar you can only drive over and has no points of access, I still after almost three years haven’t found a nature spot. We have a farm, though and sometimes I take the kids on drives through the farm roads and I’m struck with a different kind of beauty and a different kind of connection with the divine. This is the river/sandbar/farm

@TheWildflowerist You're in Oklahoma? Me too (Oklahoma City)! Which part are you in?

@heymarke I’m right outside Tulsa! Trying to figure out if I can swing the Oklahoma City Gungor show...

@TheWildflowerist Pleased to stumble across another local here right off the bat! I don't think I'll be at the show, myself.

@heymarke Calling all Oklahomans! Any others?? It would be awesome to have a local group.

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