@Thevoicedcarpentr I stay because everything belongs. I stay because someone has to love the beautiful, dark, tortured, twisted souls. Someone has to speak life into death. Someone has to speak light into darkness.

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So I’m often conflicted about my faith community. Part of me wants to run out screaming “Fire!!!” The other wants to pull burning victims out and assist them to the help they need.
How are these communities going to change if i abandon them?
If I leave who will love them?

But how can I stay in a room while some talks about how Jesus is a pagan sacrifice to appease the justice of God?

If you want to learn the piano, you have to do your scales.

To me, the Old Testament is practicing scales, then Jesus shows up and says "I want to dance, play me a song." And the religious folks respond with scales.

"No! Not scales! I mean music from the heart I gave you," Says Jesus.

Then someone bangs out a tune and is called a heretic and unbeliever by the religious scale-players.

I've learned my scales, thank you very much. I want to make music and see Jesus dance.

Man, Rohrs new book is mind blowing. I gave up highlighting because the whole thing should be highlighted.

I’m so wiped. I need beer or whiskey so I can push thru on this homework/practicum/sermon prep run....

Just heard a teenager refer to Weezer as 'vintage dad rock' I'm fucking dying
The guy behind them looked so offended ·

Word from a five year old in the bathroom. “I pooped a hundred.”

Up early. Can’t sleep. Running on empty. I’ve got too much going on. But weirdly, and creepily, the tune stuck in my head is a song my dads friend once wrote. “God hates sinners of whom I am the chief”. Talk about toxic Christianity...

@Thevoicedcarpentr thank you everyone. I didn’t really expect such an outpouring of helpfulness ;) I’m excited about the potential of this community!

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So, I’ve been told I’m a enneagram 5 with a 4 wing. What does that actually mean ( of course it unscientific, not disputing that)?

I’m an almost 38 y/o in northern Alberta. I am a BA student at Alberta Bible college. I’ve been listening to Science Mike and the Liturgists since FGITW came out. Working on my deconstruction/reconstruction while attempting to maintain my lay leadership in our local (more liberal) church. Have one foster/kinship child in care with us.
I also am a journeyman cabinetmaker running my own business. So not a lot of down time lol.

So is anyone like me and literally didn’t even know there was a Super Bowl this weekend?

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