I’ve been trying to go back and tag all our episodes that have Rachel in them. You can see them at the link below. If I forgot any, let me know and I’ll update them they appear in this list.


I’ve been a sobbing mess all day as I’ve flown across the country. This is a loss that hurts.

I keep thinking, what will we do without her?

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@mike man I’m sorry. This hurts, more for you than for most of us. As for what we shall do without her, she cleared space for many of us to stand. The best way I can think of to honor and keep Rachel’s memory alive is to stand in that space. And breathe for a minute. It’s space that was hard fought for. As for our sister, may her rest be sweet and her memory never fade! Let’s cry, and make space for grief. But let’s also continue the fight.

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