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Sometimes self-care is leaving 10 min early for your appointment instead of procrastinating until the last possible minute and rushing there. 🕢 :oh_no:

Hi mastedon, I have a real question: why are republicans so bent on banning abortion? I know it’s about controlling women, but I don’t see exactly what they have to gain from that, unless they’re explicitly gunning for a handmaid’s tale kind of situation

You know how when people are sad for you, you feel like you have to take care of their sadness as well as your own? What is that?

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'Coin Cunts' by US artist Suzanna Scott, an ongoing project featuring a varied collection of altered purses #womensart

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It is astonishing how far the aroma of an open can of Red Bull carries, and how upsetting that aroma is

What a tragic loss. Rachel Held Evans was such a valuable voice to Christianity. May her words live on and on.

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Your semi regular reminder that labels are meant to aid understanding, not dictate behavior

If someone or something doesn't fit a label exactly right then it is the label which is the wrong not the person or thing

And of course, this is what comes to mind as I desperately need to study for exams 🙇🏼‍♀️

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Deconstruction has continued into areas of my life other than faith, as it has for most of you on here it seems. Currently I’ve been wrestling with the idea of monogamy, wondering if exclusive committed relationships really are the “right” way to do it. Does anyone have insightful thoughts/experiences/resources?

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Enneagram 4s out there who create—how do you detach your identity from your creation enough to risk receiving negative feedback on your work?

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"If you can speak in tongues you can scat." - my friend Bruno

I want to be best friends with Pete Holmes

PS obviously this was a lot better than church

I’m considering going to church today, just for the hell of it

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@sound That's why I'm switching my faith to the Easter Platypus, a mammal that actually does lay eggs.

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“Before the truth sets you free, it will make you miserable” -Richard Rohr

I need book recommendations! I’m looking for fiction that will make me think but is not too dense. I usually enjoy classics. What’s your favourite book?

Anyone have any free/accessible Ram Dass recommendations? I’ve been meaning to check him out but everything is so dense, I need intro-level stuff for extreme beginners

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