I need book recommendations! I’m looking for fiction that will make me think but is not too dense. I usually enjoy classics. What’s your favourite book?

@Tori I think everyone should read small great things by Jodi Picoult. Easy read but so insightful, specifically about racism and white supremacy.

@Tori I've really been enjoying 'all the names they used for God'. Short stories that leave you wondering. Such a lovely book.

@Tori The Orthodox Heretic by Peter Rollins. A collection of parables. I still haven't finished it because every time I read a few pages I feel like my universe has expanded and I need to sit in for a week or so.

@Tori My favorite fiction is by Neal Shusterman, the Unwind Dystology. It's technically young adult, so it's not a laborious read, but the story is absolutely loaded with powerful commentary on society. One of the only series I enjoy enough to re-read!

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