Enneagram 4s out there who create—how do you detach your identity from your creation enough to risk receiving negative feedback on your work?


For me it's about focusing on the objective purpose of the work. What do I want to say and am I saying it effectively. Is the negative feedback because my idea is not clear, or do I need to work on my skill level so I can make the thing I want to make? Embracing the process from the perspective of growth makes it easier to let go of ego.

A saying I love: "The singer is for the song, not the song for the singer."

This ‘Enneathought’ highlights that growth direction for 4s. Action and objectivity focused, which can be hard for us.

@Tori I can only do that if what I create is not perfect. So that’s most things. 😳 Also listening to anything Michael Gungor says helps. @vishu ❤️

@Tori overdeveloped 4 wing here,
& I don’t know how to detach from it - it’s an expression of me/my thoughts/feelings, & criticism of that feels personal. it comes with the territory, & to get that kind of feedback, you have to put yourself out there anyway. I think it’s okay if the feedback hurts, but it’s not okay if the feedback makes you want to be less authentic in your art. Like, having a solid & unwavering identity in the first place is more important than protecting your sensitivity.

@skerz yeah I relate to this. You’re right, if I have a solid identity then putting out art and getting negative feedback would not be fatal

@Tori definitely can still hurt....and probably will....but I like that language. it will not be fatal

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