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Sometimes self-care is leaving 10 min early for your appointment instead of procrastinating until the last possible minute and rushing there. 🕢 :oh_no:

us pol, abortion 

@RobertFrancis @Ricci @adamewoods yeah I mean the party. I definitely understand voters pro life beliefs, but it seems to me that within the party the human rights values and ideologies are contradictory, which is why I doubt the sincerity and suspect there’s something else going on. Of course, I have all my own biases and I could be blinded by my own perspective

us pol, abortion 

@Ricci @adamewoods yeah that’s wild. I’m Canadian and we don’t have any legislature about abortion, although that’s more of a lack of organization thing than an ideology thing

us pol, abortion 

@Ricci @adamewoods I understand this but it seems to me like they’d lose more votes than they’d gain... I could be wrong but on the whole America seems more pro-choice. I guess the economic argument makes sense? I still think it’s bonkers

Hi mastedon, I have a real question: why are republicans so bent on banning abortion? I know it’s about controlling women, but I don’t see exactly what they have to gain from that, unless they’re explicitly gunning for a handmaid’s tale kind of situation

@Julie Yes that does make sense. I find I have to actively remind myself that I am not responsible for other people’s sadness—it’s not “letting people down” to be sad.

You know how when people are sad for you, you feel like you have to take care of their sadness as well as your own? What is that?

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'Coin Cunts' by US artist Suzanna Scott, an ongoing project featuring a varied collection of altered purses #womensart

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It is astonishing how far the aroma of an open can of Red Bull carries, and how upsetting that aroma is

@jherb math itself is a human construct, but there exist relationships in nature that follow patterns. I’d say math is to nature as language is to meaning. It’s what we use to describe something that is most definitely there. I guess it depends on the definition of math that you are using.

What a tragic loss. Rachel Held Evans was such a valuable voice to Christianity. May her words live on and on.

@adamewoods that’s great that you have a partner that was on the same page. Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check them out ☺️

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Your semi regular reminder that labels are meant to aid understanding, not dictate behavior

If someone or something doesn't fit a label exactly right then it is the label which is the wrong not the person or thing

@adamewoods also I am interested in your process of becoming polya (or realizing you’re polya I suppose). Would you mind sharing a bit about how you got there?

@brothermatthew yeah deconstruction can mean complete anarchy for a bit, I can somewhat relate. Sounds like you are “healthy” about it all!

@Ricci YES all of this.

I wonder if I will end up like your friends, trying it and ending up defaulting back to monogamy 😂

@Ricci that’s wonderful, I definitely think it’s an important thing to discuss for the exact reason of eliminating fears! I don’t like the idea of it being a “rule” that you can only have feelings for/be physical with one person. I wouldn’t see having another partner as a betrayal as long as there is transparency and understanding

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