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But also how tf do I change my pic?? I’m so over dogs driving cars

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In the mood for someone to have a crush on me

@vishnu also loved the social justice podcast. The beginning bit about juliet articulated some thoughts that have been swimming around in my head this week 🙏🏻

@vishnu is there anywhere I can get your book in Dublin? (Or Barcelona?)

I told my friend I was creatively constipated and she thought it was a medical issue

Mornings are strange. When some one asks “How are you?” in the morning I don’t know how to respond. it’s too soon to tell. Nothing has happened to me yet, I don’t know who I’m going to be today

EVERYONE should go to therapy✌🏻
(Also it should be 100% covered for everyone)
can you imagine how much better the world would be??

sexuality OVERSHARE 

Had my first ever wet dream (do you call it that as a woman?) last night which was both bizarre and quite nice tbh... anyone else have thoughts/experiences?? Female wet dreams seem like the stuff of myths but they’re REAL

Sometimes I think the Liturgists is like Alcoholics Anonymous for ex Christians

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At the Nashville gathering @vishnu used the term “Christian Alumni” to describe his faith. This term felt incredibly authentic to my experiences.

@mike @vishnu I was just doing some reflecting, and came here to try to express how thankful I am, and have been, for The Liturgists over the last five years. It was a lifeline for me in those early days, and has continued to help me grow into the present. What you are doing means so much. Love you guys 💙💙💙

I’m a medical student, and I wrote a thing about cadaver dissection for a service to honour the donors. I didn’t end up reading it at the service, but a lot of the ideas are inspired by liturgist content, so I thought you all might be interested in reading it. (Last page is on a reply to this post)

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