US is a brilliant movie! I’ll have to see it a second time so I can piece together how interpret the metaphors better.

I usually wouldn’t care about who wins a college basketball game, but that Liberty win is upsetting

I was eating lunch and saw a group of Mormons evangelizing, and I just sat back and observed.

There’s so many groups that think they and they alone are God’s chosen people. Or furthering that, keep a philosophy that makes them feel more enlightened or superior to the other groups that don’t have the same philosophy. Even the nihilistic philosophies of “there is no truth” seem to fit this mold.

I don’t really have a conclusion to draw from this besides the observation.

How much better off would society be if Facebook and Instagram didn’t go back up?

But I also see the Bible as a collection of ancient texts written by men, within a very specific cultural framework. So I’d say I take more of the Rachel Held Evans “Inspired” type of approach if that makes any sense.

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If you asked what I believe now, I could probably do a better job explaining what I don’t believe than what I do, as I see faith as something filled with uncertainty (I remember reading Life of Pi for the first time in high school was what opened my mind to the idea that doubt and uncertainty aren’t just not bad things but essential to a thriving faith).

I still consider myself a Christian and would say that I do believe in Christ’s life and resurrection from the Gospel

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I realized I never really gave an introduction!

I am currently a senior undergraduate student at West Texas A&M university and am currently about to transition to graduate school (currently looking like SMU’s Economics PhD program).

I grew up in the DFW area in the Churches of Christ. A fairly fundamentalist and evangelical denomination, although there’s no real central hierarchy for it. My faith journey has been rocky, and I’d say I’m currently in a mix of deconstruction and reconstruction

If there’s any DFW liturgists, I’m back in the Metroplex for Spring Break this week.

Would be happy to meet up with people, there’s a good chance I’ll be back here starting in the Summer for graduate school (depends on where I end up deciding, but leaning SMU atm) and it’s always nice to make new friends and connections!

I mentioned the enneagram to somebody today and was told, “Were you aware that it has an occult background?”

Nearly said a snarky comment along the lines of ‘Wow that makes it so much cooler’ or ‘who actually cares’, but I guess I’m too much of a 9 so I just explained that the enneagram is simply a useful model with explanatory power and whether the origins are Christian, pagan or whatever it doesn’t matter.

I was then told, “Good answer, I was just testing you”... 🤷🏽‍♂️

Also, a little late on saying it but I also loved the Buddhist episodes. I was challenged and learned quite a bit from them.

Being able to learn a bit about faith traditions of others not only increases understanding and empathy, but I saw elements and ideas that could help me grow in my own faith.

My goal for March is to come up with a snarky enough tweet to get blocked by Jerry Falwell.

Speaking of that, I hadn’t been able to figure out if I’m a 9w8 or 9w1. Maybe I am a 9w8?

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