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I wanted an Ask Science Mike logo t-shirt to wear to Dragon con in September, but there are none for sale. Took advantage of a day off to create some fan art from a thrift store t-shirt and some fabric paint. I'm pretty happy with it. @mike

Atlanta area Liturgists are meeting up Sept 20 at 7:00 Duluth. The event is being organized using the Liturgists Atlanta Community of FB. It's a lively, welcoming group! Please visit the event on FB or let me know if you want to go, and I'll give you the details. I won't be able to attend until January or so, due to my son's marching band commitments, but I'm in contact with the hosts. They request an RSVP, so they know how big of a table to reserve.

Just discovered Grace Petrie, a British, queer folk protest singer, and it's exactly what I want to hear today.

I'm on cloud 9!! Hale Appleman is a sweetheart! Dragon Con is wonderful so far!


Heard U2 on the radio today. I'm happy they have found peace and joy and how it's such a Beautiful Day and all, but damn, I sure miss the raw truth of Pride and Bullet the Blue Sky and Sunday Bloody Sunday. Have they written anything about the migrants drowning in the Mediterranean or the plight of the asylum seekers at the US border? I yearn for Bono singing a protest song. On the radio.

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Y'ALL! I subscribed to HBO, just so my husband and I could binge watch Crashing. We finished the series last night. It is SO GOOD!! ❤️ Pete Holmes! So, if you want to fill your ears with good stuff, listen to @mike and @vishnu interview Pete Holmes (Ep 13) and listen to Pete interview each of them and Hillary on You Made It Weird. The episode with @hillarymcbride was pure joy.

@mike @vishnu What's the name or date of the episode where Vishnu's friend tells the story about living in the haunted house? I love that episode, and I have a tradition of listening to it every October. I can't find it now, and I have to get my hands on it before Oct. 1. Thanks!

If you don't believe in Eternal Conscious Torment, I invite you to spend August in Georgia. Hades and Gehenna got nothing on us.

Welcoming church 

Welcoming church 

Life with a 13 year old girl. I go into the kitchen/living room where she's snacking and watching TV, and she says, "Please leave." I say, "No. I'm going to have lunch." I finish lunch and go upstairs. She runs up after me saying, "Mom. Mom. Mom."


"Why did you leave me all by myself?"

Poetry, racial violence, Christianity 

What could be better than organic, fair trade coffee delivered to your door from a farm dedicated to social, economic, and racial justice in south Georgia? Corn starch packing peanuts, of course! ❤️ Koinonia Farm

child sex trafficking 

New in my podcast feed this morning: Stephen Colbert on You Made It Weird. I wish my commute were a little longer!

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The Red Couch Live! 

Some people will live their whole lives in the same community, same church - never leave home and family. Others are compelled to a hero's journey. It is hard. It is painful. It is worth it. If you find that you have to leave the life you thought you would have because you think, or feel, or ARE different, take courage. You will struggle. And you will be OK. You may have to journey far to find your calling and your tribe, but you will be so glad you did.

@vishnu @mike My rowdy friends & I had fun at T&W last night! Met a bunch of cool new people, had some good conversations. Some parts of the event were uncomfortable. I mean, yeah, some of the topics were tough. I squirmed a little with that. But OMG, the chairs in the pit in front of the stage were tiny metal torture stools that caused serious squirming 😂! I hope you had a great visit to the very weirdest part of ATL!

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