June will be here before you know it! I thought y'all would appreciate this T-shirt that's perfect for Pride month. I love it. (They sell them on the Bitter Southerner website. The Bitter Southerner is worth a read, BTW.

Easter image - Orthodox icon 

I wanted an Ask Science Mike logo t-shirt to wear to Dragon con in September, but there are none for sale. Took advantage of a day off to create some fan art from a thrift store t-shirt and some fabric paint. I'm pretty happy with it. @mike

This morning, Pastor encouraged us to be like a fig tree - a symbol of the peace & abundance of God; not like a Bradford pear - all show, no fruit, & breaking easily under stress. I loathe Bradford pears, so I am taking this message to heart! LOL! Here's a photo of the fig tree in my yard. See the wee fruit starting to form?

This sticker is on every entrance door on my church. It is the symbol of ReconcilingWorks: Lutherans for Full Participation. It means that if you are gay, or trans, or whatever, it's not a thing at Trinity. You can get married here. You can get ordained and lead here, if that's your calling. You are just one of us, if you want to be. We're all different, but we're all one body.

@Lisagungor It was nice to meet you! You were so gracious and the meet and greet, and the show was absolutely amazing!

I had a chance to meet @mike last night. I am clearly full-on fan-girl. @mike, you make the world a better place. Thank you.

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