Rant, editing evangelical book, Calvinism 

@shaggy I think it's pretty tough to change anyone's mind on this issue BUT, www.gaychurch.org has some resources that might be useful.

deconstructing religion 

@JessieGinger Hooray for friends who help us see a hopeful future!

@mattlaff @mike I spent some time on there yesterday. It looks good. I'm not super fast at learning new platforms, but it seems like it will be a better place to have meaningful conversation.

@ashleybc33 Hi, Ashley. I'm glad that you're here. I think you will find most interactions on this instance are supportive & kind. The people are generally respectful. But keep in mind that it is often pain that brings people here, & many are in a very vulnerable frame of mind, which can lead to misunderstandings. Unlike Twitter, I haven't seen this instance used for arguing or bashing. I certainly hope it won't go in that direction. Wishing you a much more positive experience from here on!

Children in detention centers 

Just listened to the new Loving This podcast, and now I'm trying to figure out how to create a "Llama Soft" tee shirt. (Earth Sandwich tees were sold out at the End of the World in ATL.)😂 I also kept wanting @vishnu to realize that while a llama might want to be a goat, a lama would be at peace being a lama. And a caterpillar would ask, "WHO are YOU?" Listening took me back to the days when I could just walk over to a neighbor's house & spend an afternoon being silly, pursuing truth. <3 Carrie!

Church Camp 

@joeld That seems about right. 😞 It's such a wonderful show.

Menstruation, birth control question 

@Vaashtii This is the first I've heard of it. I am adding it to my podcasts! Thanks for the recommendation!

@alastair Yes!!! Pete Enns hasn't been on The Liturgists since 2014, and while @mike was on The Bible For Normal People a couple of years ago, @vishnu has never been on there. I would love to hear that conversation!

@Brooke @mike This is so encouraging! Praying for the UMC. 🌈

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