@qu1ck Thank you for your service, and Godspeed! I think the Netflix series When They See Us would be very valuable. The writings of Ta-Nehisi Coates, as well.

@Vaashtii I remember him saying that he would be touring around the world.



Atlanta area Liturgists are meeting up Sept 20 at 7:00 Duluth. The event is being organized using the Liturgists Atlanta Community of FB. It's a lively, welcoming group! Please visit the event on FB or let me know if you want to go, and I'll give you the details. I won't be able to attend until January or so, due to my son's marching band commitments, but I'm in contact with the hosts. They request an RSVP, so they know how big of a table to reserve.

Mention of mental illness and suicidal ideation 

@Vaashtii Now I want to hear ALL the ghost stories!

@Vaashtii Listening now. It's so much fun to hear them having fun together! Can I just say how awesome that Penn Jillette story is?

@Vaashtii I'll have to check that out. I just binged all of the Shane Mauss episodes back to back, and they blew.my.mind. Hunter S. Thompson meets Electric KoolAid Acid Test. Plus, bipolar disorder. OMG! I hope the Gubler one is a little lighter. Queuing now.

@mike My hubby spent three ENTIRE DAYS playing D&D/Pathfinder at DragonCon, so when I told him the Liturgists were playing, he was pumped! I think he's trying to get started.

@Vaashtii It was such a great episode! I love how he meshes the teaching of Ram Dass, Richard Rohr, and Alan Watts with the Bible and teaching of Jesus.

@TheBabaYaga Yesterday, The New York Times dropped a new episode of the 1619 podcast. Episode 3 is The Birth of American Music. It draws a line from African American spirituals - minstrel shows- jazz - Motown - yacht rock. I love it! nytimes.com/2019/09/06/podcast

Just discovered Grace Petrie, a British, queer folk protest singer, and it's exactly what I want to hear today.

@LiveYourValues NPR for quick takes. The Atlantic and (because I need balance to my lefty perspective) National Review.

@conrad I was thinking the same thing. Where did everyone go?

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