I am disappointed to report that Vishnu‘s “White Jesus” was not playing in my local farmers market like I initially hoped I was perceiving. It’s a pity, really. 😭😂

@Tstan funny, awkward trans moment (2/2)
I finally broke eye contact, said “Oh! No bag. I don’t need a bag.” and then I proceeded to almost run right into the automatic door a few feet away on my way out.
This is another reason why I personally avoid craft stores. I get all riled up and do embarrassing stuff like this. 😂😂😂

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Funny, awkward trans moment while braving Joann Fabrics (it’s a lot for me 😜). The kind cashier asked me “Smile back?” twice. I thought, oh great, I look pretty different from my drivers license picture, but I look more similar when I smile. They’re right, that should help the confusion. I looked up at him and smiled awkwardly. It was only after a good 3 seconds of locked eyes and awkward smiles that I realized I didn’t even get my ID out, and they must have said “Small bag?” 🙈

Sending love and solidarity to those of you who are near fireworks and find them distressing.

Great new book on spiritual abuse education/recovery currently on sale 

I really recommend this book (kindle currently on sale for $1.99). It’s written by a therapist specializing in spiritual abuse recovery who is herself a survivor. It gives a framework for making sense of what happened and options for a path forward. It discusses on how faith deconstruction often accompanies personal/systemic religious trauma.


My new MO for dealing with stress is to try to move through space with the awkwardness of a dancing toddler. Everything is absurd anyway, might as well embody that. 😆

Coming out, asking for prayers/good thoughts 

Hey litfam, think of/pray for me? I will likely come out to my parents as trans tomorrow (Saturday). The pros now outweigh the cons. I’m as prepared as possible, but the possible negative consequences are still enormous.

My family’s discomfort with sexuality cannot be overstated. It’s off the bell curve, even compared to purity culture. At the same time, they’ve been growing in openness/compassion and are kind. It’s impossible to know what to expect.

Evangelicals, gender dysphoria 

Having a really hard time with setting self-care boundaries today.
My roommate and long term close friend has her bridal shower this weekend, and I reaaaally don’t want to go because of gender dysphoria. I want to be supportive, but as a largely-closeted transmasc enby with severe gender dysphoria, going would be decidedly bad for my mental health. It’s also with all Evangelicals in a church. 😬 I’m going to try to talk to her about it today.

This week’s whole mood is laughing at the “wrong” times and “wrong” things. Life is absurd. 😂

RadioLab, US pol 

I just listened to the latest radio lab podcast (“Americanish”) in which all of the hosts were confounded that many American Samoan people don’t want US citizenship. They summarized their confusion at the end with “What [American Samoas] mean is ‘I don’t trust America.’... Do you trust the government to do the right thing? I have trust in the [US] government.”

And then I burst out laughing. The government is quite low on my list of people and institutions I personally trust. 😂

@Tstan don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the sun. But there’s something nostalgic about 50* F rain that feels like home.

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How long does it take this Pacific Northwesterner to miss the rain? Evidently like 1 week. 😂

Language, humorous kid story 

Scene: I was teaching a piano lesson to a dainty 2nd grade girl with an angelic voice from a Christian family. Mom and 4 yo brother were sitting 8 feet away.

My student was analyzing music notes on the staff, and she decided to pronounce the sequence “F A C, F A C, F A C, F A C E” as the following:
“Oh—FUCK! Fuck, fuck, fuck, FACE!”

I’m not sure if mom heard, but I almost died and melted into my chair. She has no idea.

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the two ace moods: "why is sex everywhere" "oh right sex is a thing, i forgot"

Oh my heart.

[Image description: looking across a bridge to trees and clear sky]

Coming out question, misgendering 

@Tstan Yes, I could have volunteered name/pronouns right off the bat, but I sometimes forget in the initial conversation. I know these people do care about me. Do they expect me to bring it up first? Most of them are new to knowing (visible) trans people, but the fact that it’s a pattern is puzzling to me.

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Coming out question, misgendering 

I’m trying to wrap my head around something: lately I’ve been coming out as trans to several close people in my life. It’s gone really well overall, but only one person has asked about name or pronouns. The rest continue to refer to me as “she” and birth name. I’m confident it isn’t malicious and they feel they’re being supportive.

What possible factors do you likely see at play? Discomfort? Lack of education? Uncertainty of etiquette?

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In a world obsessed with tearing people apart for being imperfect, being compassionate is about the bravest thing you can do.

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Help please. What are your favourite resources on , , and similar? With a faith slant or without.

I have the Ableism episode. Blogs, other podcasts, books, apps. Knock yourself out.

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