Coming out question, misgendering 

I’m trying to wrap my head around something: lately I’ve been coming out as trans to several close people in my life. It’s gone really well overall, but only one person has asked about name or pronouns. The rest continue to refer to me as “she” and birth name. I’m confident it isn’t malicious and they feel they’re being supportive.

What possible factors do you likely see at play? Discomfort? Lack of education? Uncertainty of etiquette?


Coming out question, misgendering 

@Tstan Yes, I could have volunteered name/pronouns right off the bat, but I sometimes forget in the initial conversation. I know these people do care about me. Do they expect me to bring it up first? Most of them are new to knowing (visible) trans people, but the fact that it’s a pattern is puzzling to me.

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