I am disappointed to report that Vishnu‘s “White Jesus” was not playing in my local farmers market like I initially hoped I was perceiving. It’s a pity, really. 😭😂

@Tstan funny, awkward trans moment (2/2)
I finally broke eye contact, said “Oh! No bag. I don’t need a bag.” and then I proceeded to almost run right into the automatic door a few feet away on my way out.
This is another reason why I personally avoid craft stores. I get all riled up and do embarrassing stuff like this. 😂😂😂

Funny, awkward trans moment while braving Joann Fabrics (it’s a lot for me 😜). The kind cashier asked me “Smile back?” twice. I thought, oh great, I look pretty different from my drivers license picture, but I look more similar when I smile. They’re right, that should help the confusion. I looked up at him and smiled awkwardly. It was only after a good 3 seconds of locked eyes and awkward smiles that I realized I didn’t even get my ID out, and they must have said “Small bag?” 🙈

Sending love and solidarity to those of you who are near fireworks and find them distressing.

@shoutcacophony@anticapitalist.party @Laura_I thanks, I’ll check it out!

As a teacher, I try to encourage both reading and playing by ear, but most people seem to prefer one over the other.

@shoutcacophony@anticapitalist.party @Laura_I any chance you remember the name of the book/author? I’m a piano teacher and on the spectrum myself, so I’m very interested.

Great new book on spiritual abuse education/recovery currently on sale 

My new MO for dealing with stress is to try to move through space with the awkwardness of a dancing toddler. Everything is absurd anyway, might as well embody that. 😆

@Camthedragon have you found anything to help with your hypermobility?

@Camthedragon oh, I’m so sorry. I was recently diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder (hEDS) myself and share your fears. I’m here if you need to talk!

I am become trans, destroyer of nature (transphobia) 

I am become trans, destroyer of nature (transphobia) 

@JessieGinger @shannon I love those shoes! I’ve found that many cis queer folks don’t recognize the trans flag, at least in my circles.

@JessieGinger @shannon that’s tough. The unknown of if/when to come out and how it will go is a big stressor. Sorry you’re having to put up with transphobia on top of that.

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