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I had the honor of spending the evening with Bushi at his place tonight. I thought you guys would like to know that he is as beautiful a soul in person as you would expect.

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this is awesome. did you get in touch with him because of the episode? or just coincidence?

Because of the episode. When they said Thomasville, NC I was shocked because it’s only about an hour away from me. I’m in a hyper-white conservative part of the state.

They actually received death threats and had dead cats hung on their property. That is until the police learned he was a former Marine. Word spread and that stopped most frank persecution as it speaks to the nationalism we are surrounded by.

@Turnquist wow thats all amazing on so many levels. tribes are silly. great that you got to go. I wish I had follow up points, but I'm just happy for you

@Turnquist which part are you in? I grew up in Stanly County (Albemarle, Locust) but now live in Boone.

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