Today was the first Sunday in a very long time that I’ve gone to church and left feeling like my spiritual tank was a little more full. One of our youth sang “You Say” and when she went full voice and it cracked - I turned into a weepy mess in my pew.

I just got back from an almost 200 person, hour and a half long funeral, that was completely in Korean. I found myself incredibly moved by the entire sanctuary singing hymns with more emotion and energy than I have ever heard in a church. It was a moment where language and cultural differences didn’t matter. I’ll remember tonight for a very long time.

It does not matter how old I get, when I’m sick, I just want my Mom to make me soup and watch Pride and Prejudice with me all day. And it’s all day because it’s the BBC mini series version, obviously.


Listening to Mike eating his brain-fog clearing edible is making me reallllll salty that it isn’t legalized here 😑🧂🌴

I finally figured out that the insane sound my dog makes is called “reverse sneezing”. And the most likely cause for my her episodes: “exercise intolerance.”

Next time my husband asks if I want to go to the gym with him, I’m going to start reverse sneezing and say it must be exercise intolerance.

My husband saying:

“the first day you’re gone on a work trip, it’s kind of cool and I can do whatever I want - the second day, it’s like - ok, come home now”

is now my favorite real-life compliment of all time.

✈️ 💼 ....................💏

Random things you don’t realize your 12 year old has not learned: how to compose a letter and/or a formal email.

Dear Blank,



She knew nothing of this format. 😶

Anyone else read “Circe” and become obsessed with author Madeline Miller? I didn’t know she had a book prior to “Circe” until last week... and now I can’t put down “Song of Achilles”... MAJOR Greek mythology nerd out anyone? 🤓✨🏹🏔

New NPR podcast “Throughline” is wonderfullllll 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Sitting this close to an Atlanta airport gate counter means I hear some weirdddddd questions and comments. I appreciate polite airport staff more than ever.

A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds the majority of Americans oppose the president's national emergency declaration, don't believe there is an emergency and believe Trump's misusing his power.

Mental Illness 

I’m trying to care for and love a family member with mental illness, which they are intentionally leaving untreated. It feels like I’m handling a cobra in a house that’s on fire, with the rest of my family watching from behind glass, but still trapped in the same god damn fire. I’m tired.

My coworker just reminded me this is a three day weekend for us... I almost started crying I was so excited. Then I hugged my dog in celebration.

Sitting in this beautiful coffee shop/bakery and having to listen to exceptionally vapid conversation at the table next to me has been a really annoying turn of events. No one cares about your bathroom renovations or the fact you can’t keep the “rights” to Grandpa Bumpy’s antique car vanity license plate “Yes Jane”. Please stop talking. Also did you just complain that your soup was too chunky and not brothy enough? 😑

Me at home before Wed. night fellowship: “We need to reduce our obligations, I’m totally overwhelmed. I’m over it. No more.”

Me 5 minutes after walking through the doors: “Sure, we can come. What are the dates? And when is that meeting you need me to attend?”

Husband from across the room:

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