PSA toot: do not give up on this platform because you are afraid you aren’t deep enough, or have the right book to recommend, or scientific theory to cite. You are welcome here. Playfulness, encouragement, and sharing joy - is welcome here.

@Usernamesaredifficult this is so true. And I think we need to keep saying it. If we lose this, it’s going to go poorly in the long run.

@Usernamesaredifficult I’m all in for daftness, irreverence, nonsense, fun and general hilarity. And all the best deep, philosophical conversations are the ones spiced with humour and undertaken with lightness, humility and surrender to the fundamental unknowing of this thing we call life 😉

@Usernamesaredifficult appreciated! Specially having English as a second language.I won’t easily give up 🤗

@Usernamesaredifficult Thank you! I've been struggling with what to even begin to post or talk about. 😀

@abigail @Usernamesaredifficult I think they're the perfect vessel for anything! Almost every culture uses a form of noodles, and I think it's a cool way to relate and learn through eating. 😀

@Usernamesaredifficult In this spirit, I would like to share a book I have read almost constantly since November of 2016...

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