Excited to be starting All Shall Be Saved by David Bentley Hart on Audible this morning!!!

This new episode of with is amazing. He's like a wind up toy. Just look at him go!!!

I haven't listened to in a while (I love it but it doesn't seem to work well on the app I use) but it doesn't look like there's been a new episode since July.
Did I miss an announcement??

Mention of mental illness and suicidal ideation 

I posted a "rant" /"vent" on FB about some "Christians" and their attitudes towards mental illness; specifically depression and suicidal ideation.
I stopped just short of telling anyone who disagreed with me to just unfriend me. I RARELY make posts like this.
So, now I'm trying to decide if I am hoping for a big reaction or crickets. (I'm attaching screenshots of said rant)

OK, I am (probably) not going to name names... But there are a couple of podcasts that I have tried to get into, that I might really like parts of, but then I have this weird, almost visceral reaction, to the behavior of one of the hosts or just a general discomfort listening to the way they are responding to guests. And it's totally NOT that they are doing anything wrong, it's just weird hangups of mine and things that make me uncomfortable.

Sooo. I'm pretty convinced that I am an 4w5 sp/sx. I KNOW I am 4w5, it's the instinctual variants that I am trying to figure out. The description of the sp 4 on the Heart episode just totally read me. But I am still trying gather more information.

🎶 i've got 99 problems and luftballoons are all of them 🎶

Please pay attention to the propaganda! Do not applaud people surviving in this dystopia! Instead burn down the dystopia!

Duuude. Just yesterday I was listening to Typology and talking my friend into taking a free online test, and today drop THREE episodes about the Enneagram instinctual centers. Crazy timing.

OK... But the MGG episode of You Made It Weird had me cracking up. Gubler is zany and hilarious and pairing him with Pete Holmes was WILD. It seems like they spent half the episode talking a mile a minute BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. It was so funny.

Stupid stupidness. I'd really like to be going to sleep right now, but apparently my pain has decided to flare up and keep me awake. So! Social media and podcasts it is.

Pete Holmes is on the latest episode of The Bible For Normal People. I love listening to him. He's very interesting and, of course, funny.

Can someone please remind me what the sections are on Mastodon? I can't remember. I'm currently using Tusky.

Ugh. I made the mistake of Facebook stalking a few people that used to be part of my social circle from churches from my past... and I really wish I hadn't. Their posts were infuriating. I don't see the point in just tearing everyone else down all of the time or being so divisive. So frustrating. It hurts my heart.

I'm curious, , what are some of the church names that you have found the oddest? For any reason? Recently, I saw one in town for a "Frontline Church" which I did not like for the militant undertones, especially in the these times of increasing nationalism.
But also, for three years we attended a church called Audacity Church. At the time, it was the name that caught my attention, but I ended up having some rotten experiences there. But seriously, AUDACITY???

OK. Why didn't anyone tell me how delightful Desmond Tutu is to listen to?? I'm smitten.

I now have both Pure by Linda Kay Klein and Shameless by Nadia Bolz Weber on Audible. I'm looking forward to checking them out. Plus, I just read something on Discourse about a podcast dealing with the matters of purity culture.

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