Hey , does anyone have any opinion or thoughts about the church? I am considering, now that I am , officially joining the church we have been attending sporadically. I just feel like, after almost dismissing everything, I need to claim something.

@Vaashtii I found the Episcopal church very refreshing and so peaceful after deconstructing. My wife and I don't get to attend as much as we would like, but when we go that is where we attend. I felt the same way, I needed something to hold on to.

@Jarrod thank you. I love their more open mindedness compared to what I am used to. The pastor is fantastic. I just wish there was more diversity.

@Vaashtii I love the Episcopal Church. It was the place I felt God's love and peace after leaving the Southern Bapt church I grew up in. I am a member of an ELCA church now, but I still love the Episcopal Church. (The nearest one is just too far from my house.) I hope that you find it the open, loving place to learn and grow that I did.

@TrelaH thanks!! One of my oldest and best friends is a Lutheran pastor in CA. We have been attending Ash Wednesday service at this church for YEARS because whatever churches we were attending at the time didnt do ash Wednesday. But we have grown to love it, the pastor is fantastic (I am usually skeptical about pastors) and I love the church's open minded view of the Bible.

@Vaashtii I've considered the UCC, UMC, and Episcopalian church. My fiance and I may end up at one of these churches once we get married. Regarding the Episcopalian church, I like it. It's affirming, the ones I've been to at least, and they have a reverence for mystery which allows you a lot of freedom to believe what you want while just being you. I've had a similar experience with the United Church of Christ, the two I've visited I have loved and made friends in, and none.

@Brandon_B Yes, we spent a short time at a UCC church. I loved it, but my husband wasn't super into it. He prefers the Episcopalian church. (which is affirming! That's important)

@Vaashtii yeah we are hoping to find an affirming church. We grew up Nazarene, I was going into Nazarene ministry...but I got introduced to the Liturgists my junior year at University and I deconstructed, with my fiance and other friends, thankfully, also going thru the same journey. We hopefully will find somewhere new to join after I finish out this semester volunteering at the Naz youth help I've been at for the last 4 years.

@Brandon_B that's great that you weren't alone. My husband hasn't really deconstructed but he isn't overly concerned about it. I have a couple of deconstructed friends but we weren't really on our journeys at the same time.

@Vaashtii of them have expected me to affirm certain doctrines or believe a certain way

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