Hey Are there any fans out there? I've been meaning to dive into his solo stuff for years, I have always loved his voice and I am curious to hear his perspective these days. But I don't know where to start!! Any suggestions?

Anybody have any books or podcasts they enjoy on the subject of... 21st century non patriarchal, inclusive, norm-bending ... manhood? fatherhood? ha - basically what it's like to be a healthy male. similar to the liturgist podcast on "man" but more as a publication instead of one-off episode.

@Vaashtii definitely recommend listening in release order. early stuff is great, but i also love his progression as an artist - in some ways it gets more raw and real over time. you miss that if you start with newer tunes.

@Vaashtii also don't forget "ctrl" and "feedback" in the process

@Vaashtii Fingers crossed album. He also has a podcast The Airing of Grief have you ever listened to it?

@Vaashtii I really enjoy it. Amazing stories of deconstruction and reconstruction from amazing people from all walks of life. It was very eye opening for me.

@Vaashtii I would start at Stockholm syndrome and work forward. Then with fingers crossed listen to his podcast the airing of grief.

@Vaashtii I've been a webb fan since the beginning. Like a previous person shared, listen to discography in order. I was wrong, I'm sorry & I love you is my favorite album. Pairing with his ex-wife's(Sandra mckracken) work creates an even more in-depth musical experience.

@Vaashtii the airing of grief podcast has been a comfort to me through some super tough times. "fingers crossed" wrecked me for about 3 weeks. So good.

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