Does anyone else get frustrated with or bitter about or turned off by the whole "When God closes a door, He opens a window"? Or even just a slightly more secular "When one door closes, another one opens." This phrase really gets to me because it's not really true and I no longer believe in an interventionist God. or ?

I have noticed this. I wonder how much it's truth is linked to our psychology.

@Vaashtii I too find these statements pretty insensitive, and annoying at best. Not because I really think there is absolutely nothing good to come in the future. But more because these statements end up hushing someone in process or in grief. It silences rather than opens dialogue. It's a patronizing, pacifying platitude. Like I said, annoying at best. It says more about the person speaking it than about the future of the person it's spoken to.

@kaitlin @Vaashtii Absolutely agreed. While I believe in an interventionist God, those phrases are just plain dismissive. Whether or not there is a reason for something happening has nothing to do with the fact that sometimes, all the possible routes that could lead anywhere better are closed.

Honestly, when one door closes, sometimes it's the only door. Nobody can promise it will open again. But even if it does in the future, that person may just need somebody to sit on the floor and cry with.

I think it still stands, providing you recognise that the term "better" is meaningless. There are many doors and none are intrinsically better than any other. Meaning is what you make of it.

@Vaashtii I also find this statement to be annoying and insensitive.

@Vaashtii it rubs me the wrong way too. I’m fine when someone uses it to describe their own experience, but when it’s applied to anyone else’s? It can feel to me like either a play to minimize someone’s suffering or a sign that they’re uncomfortable around it.

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