Y'all. Can someone please remind me going forward that I am not, nor do I have to be, The Republican Whisperer?

This is a question I have asked on my Facebook page because I am interested in the stories of my friends and family, but I also want to ask it here...

How has war impacted you?

It's something we all have opinions about, but I am curious about how people have been impacted by it. I tend to look past experiences people have because I too often make assumptions, and right now, I really want to listen to people willing to share to help me to challenge those assumptions.

Thank you.

Crisis at the border, concentration camps 


I can't stop thinking about this. This is happening. In the U.S. In 2019. We have to do something. I am going to call Reps and Leaders regularly. And when possible, I will donate to RAICES and the ACLU. From there, I feel powerless. Any other ideas?

My good news for the day:

We heal.

I had a follow up procedure for a long term health issue I have... I'm not cured, but I have healed.

My daughter did an Intensive Outpatient Program for mental health this fall thru spring. She healed.

There have been many days I didn't believe it was possible. But it is. Healing happens. We can get better.

I am so grateful for this. And for This.

@vishnu or anyone who can help I cannot find Loving THIS with it's new name on Google Play Podcasts. The last episode I see is the first set of Questions with Lisa.

My husband and I were recieved into the Episcopal church last night. And it was... beautifully sacramental, I think is the right word. I feel like for so long--probably for the last 15+ years I was reacting to and unraveling something... this is the first time in so long that I feel like I am moving TOWARD something on my spiritual journey. It was a beautiful night and it meant even more to me than I expected it to. It feels like magic to be some place that welcomes EVERYONE.

Abuse, Marriage 

It has become another piece of deconstruction that I thought I was done with. When I look at the industry that has been built up around being a "Godly wife" and the messaging around that... When I look at how seriously I took that. How I literally taught myself my needs didn't matter--and How I see that mirrored and amplified in these situations.


And the churches biggest responsibility? Should be BELIEVING those who come forward about abuse.

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Abuse, Marriage 

I keep wanting to yell, "Church We are doing it wrong!!!" this time about the idol that the U.S. Christianity has made marriage to be. Talking to loved ones as they deconstruct the messages of "being a good wife," so many of them have stayed in bascally abusive relationships for YEARS because of that message. When they DO break free they are met with this constant refrain of, "It takes two to tango." What did YOU do wrong? This after they worked SO HARD to "make it work."

I was sad not to go to Tabs and Wafers on Saturday. Our friend broke his ankle right before we left, so instead of heading there, there was an ER trip.

I also wasn't *TOO* sad because after all, I still had This. I had the moments in front of me. I had the chance to be with my friends, to support them. We ate pizza. We watched Vicar of Dibley. We held our breath until pain was under control. And that felt like a gift too.

I have 2 tickets to Tabs and Wafers in Portland TONIGHT. I would love for someone to be able to use them. An emergency came up here.

Anyone else at an Episcopal church today reading Psalm 30 and choking and crying because of Rachel? Made me want to shake fists.

We also prayed for her in our prayers of the people. I was grateful for that.

You speak truth. I am sorry those words were said.

I know there are those in this forum who knew Rachel HE personally and I feel such protectiveness over you all. At the same time, I didn't. And I find myself profoundly grieving anyway.... I realized that I spent hours with her--With her blog, her books, her voice on podcasts. She feels like a FRIEND. Not an "out there author."
I am honoring that as I grieve. She chaned my life in a way few have. That mattered. And she mattered. So. Very. Much. To so many of us.

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“The Liturgists Community” on FB took down my link to a gofundme for Bushi and his family (episode, Buddhism Part 1). I guess a Liturgist can’t ask for help. He and his family live in their Center which has been without power for a month. I can vouch for this as I am a student there, and they’re relying on my little generator. gofundme.com/thomasville-buddh

I feel like I have spent the equivalent of a part time job on the phone with insurance/doctor's offices and going to appointments.

We have good insurance that I am continually grateful for. I am hyper aware that many people do not. Ours requires extra hoops and has it's own issues (military medical) but push comes to shove it all usually works out.

For those with few spoons for physical or mental health reasons and with financial hard, I wonder... how do they do this? The system is broken.

How is it that people have managed to turn Good Friday into a Meme?

Ways I dont quite "fit" here: I am the wife of a U.S. Service Member. This means that the "everybody thinks this" bits about the military in general that come across in these spaces don't always land well for me.

I am used to this. And it is ok. But it is part of my nuance, and it is a good reminder for me that what I think "everybody thinks" may read differently for others IN the scenario "everyone is thinking about."

It's also something that I'd love to dig into, in some ways.

Before I even know what was going on, the first comments I saw about the fire at Notre Dame were 1) God's Divine Judgement and 2) "Must be those Muslim terrorists."

It hurts my heart. It is tragedy upon tragedy to see grief and evil and assume God is punishing people or to jump to conclusions of bigotry.

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