The more I hear Richard Rohr speak, the more I wonder if I’m heading towards mysticism?

Can I balance grad school study with faith study? I haven’t been able to pick up a bible in years.

Y’all, I think I have a minor ear infection, probably swimmer’s ear, got some drops for it and hopefully they’ll start working soon. But apart fr taking Tylenol and holding a mug of hot tea to my ear, I don’t know what else to do to bring some relief while I wait for the drops to get rid of the germies. Any suggestions?

Social media and mental health 2/2 

I don’t want to do stuff for the ‘gram and adventures should be for me and my spouse and my friends to experience. Maybe that buzzing in the back of my head will settle now. Fomo can fuck off

Social media and mental health 

Just deleted my Snapchat account and deleted the Facebook app off my phone. It’s somewhat ironic I’m coming to another form of social media to talk about it; here feels like the friendly days of the internet though.
I read one more article about how social media can be viewed as a job because of needing to make your own brand and something clicked. I can’t keep doing this. I need my own mental real estate back.

@Megan @Julee @TheDude @roger I’ve been enjoying Two Feminists Annotate the Bible, if anybody is looking for something else to add to their lists

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Apart fr The Liturgists, is there any podcasts that have helped people in reconstruction or spiritual evolution? Bonus points if it’s feminist as well.

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Just a reminder that being caring, kind, loving, merciful, charitable, nurturing, neighborly, friendly—any of these things, need not be effective. Choose love over effectiveness if they conflict. Choose to meet and affirm your fellow humans in their humanity.

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Casual personal observation: it’s funny how accomplished and mentally well I feel after doing the dishes. Clean counter, clear mind.

Hi everybody! I’m here because of the Science Mike Podcast and never heard of mastodon before, I’m into it so far. I’m Atlantic Canadian but currently living on the other side of the country to complete my master’s degree. INTJ, enneagram 5 (balanced wings). I adore fantasy novels, the Atlantic Ocean, and roller derby.

First post. Don’t know what I’m doing or how the platform works yet. I like it so far, especially since it encourages resistance

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