Are there any other Canadian men who have/or are interested in going to Kin? Would love to go!

@VeRtiOs I've considered it before, but still kind of sceptical. Do you know where they're holding the next one?

@VeRtiOs Yeah totally; Two things, I think: Mike’s “we get real, FAST” comment, and a fear of organized religious groups. I think it would be amazing to meet and learn from Hillary McBride. I think it’s just some 6’ishness. Ojai is probably too far for me this year, unfortunately. :/

@Baravis Thanks for sharing your hesitations! The idea of intensity could certainly make those hesitations tangible. I would not have thought this to be one the sect of "organized religious groups" however, could you speak a little more to that?
Hilary would be such an amazing teacher, I would love an opportunity to do...anything with her honestly haha
true, the distance is real barrier, I'm not sure I can swing it.

@VeRtiOs And thanks for the question! I’m no stranger to intensity, nor the subject of kin—emotion as a male in our society. I embrace that quite a bit, so part of my hesitation is: what would I gain? I think the weekend would probably look like 70% affirmation and 30% challenge.

Given my own baggage (organized religious groups) and where I’m at now, I fear it might be more than I could handle in an integrating fashion.

Church culture 

@VeRtiOs I should say that I recognize that my own projection of gain from the weekend could be entirely incorrect, and even then it would be worthwhile, I think. Anyway, re: organized groups I think I fear identifying with a group that has... hm... decided to identify in a given way. It’s an alluring tendency that we have as mammals, and I’ve been a part of some incredibly toxic movements, so I’m hesitant to fall in love with a specific group. Does that answer your question?


Church culture 

@Baravis ....that the kin retreat would seek to have the same, if not very similar space. I totally get the hesitation though haha I feel I'm in and out of a rejection reflex to abide by any labels. That being said, having Hilary be there to facilitate I think could be a huge space shifter effect. I've been to other men's retreat's that are full men, evangelical; and have been quite toxic looking back. I still would approach such a space with mindfulness, grace and intrigue.

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