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Can we re-create the music video for "Shake" at the Ramona Gungor show?


@mike @vishnu and anyone else in the LA region!

@sarahgrace and I are coming your way for the Gungor show in Ramona. Any sweet hacks to do the trip on a budget!?

Any recommendations or suggestions would be very helpful. 😊

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#HubbleFriday At a distance of 56 million light-years and measuring 157,000 light-years across, M49 was the first member of the Virgo Cluster of galaxies to be discovered, and it is more luminous than any other galaxy at its distance or nearer: …

@Leah I gotta be honest, seeing these puffballs is one of my favorite parts of checkin out mastadon. 😂

And I have generally not liked smaller dogs, so I appreciate this. 🙌🏽

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@RobinHood Don't forget to be extremely against the sin of sodomy, as defined by: The bible

Ezekiel 16:49 English Standard Version (ESV)

Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy.

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In honor of yesterday’s Osteen ‘Taco Titles’ toot and @vishnu sharing about losing his Grammy to ChrisT; today, I give you Tomlin songs I’d like better with TACO in the title: 🌮 🌮 🌮

Good Good Taco
Taco, I Need You
Our Taco
How Great Is Our Taco
Taco of This City
I Lift My Taco
Here I Am to Taco

Church culture 

@Baravis and sorry for all the questions! I truly wish to understand with sincerity by holding our experiences in a good way. I hope my questions and posture has not felt triggering or demeaning in any way of your experience and perspective. Love listening. 🙂

Church culture 

@Baravis ....that the kin retreat would seek to have the same, if not very similar space. I totally get the hesitation though haha I feel I'm in and out of a rejection reflex to abide by any labels. That being said, having Hilary be there to facilitate I think could be a huge space shifter effect. I've been to other men's retreat's that are full men, evangelical; and have been quite toxic looking back. I still would approach such a space with mindfulness, grace and intrigue.

Church culture 

@Baravis HMMM. Oh yeah, I feel that deeply. I admire your thoughtfulness in where to engage, as you say, we have that tendency for sure and it takes real courage to know when and how to say no to that.
I think the part I'm having a little trouble understanding, (and speaking from my experience) is I don't sense the liturgists to be identifying of anything of a religious group, you know? I've experienced them to be creating an open unique space, and i sense...

@Baravis hmm, I hear that for sure. I would anticipate the subject matter to be not overly new or revolutionary, nevertheless the opportunity to connect with men in a profound way over these matters seems worth the cost to me, especially because I see it as important and would be keen to integrate things like it into a broader Canadian context. I think Mike's comment would incite some challenge, or seems like it would.

@mike perhaps you could shed some text?

@mattwiebe I agree! I've been pestering them about coming to the northern territory more often, I spoke with Mike when he was in Edmonton about a Liturgists gathering in Canada, and one in Vancouver is on their radar. Not a Kin, but a presence nonetheless.

@Baravis Thanks for sharing your hesitations! The idea of intensity could certainly make those hesitations tangible. I would not have thought this to be one the sect of "organized religious groups" however, could you speak a little more to that?
Hilary would be such an amazing teacher, I would love an opportunity to do...anything with her honestly haha
true, the distance is real barrier, I'm not sure I can swing it.

Are there any other Canadian men who have/or are interested in going to Kin? Would love to go!

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"Deconstructed" engagement/wedding 

I'm curious to hear from others who have given thought to what a "deconstructed" engagement or wedding might look like?

I'm disinterested in practices rooted in patriarchy and capitalism, but am drawn to elements of ceremony and ritual to mark significant events and transformation. Would love your stories or thoughts- on the conceptual or practical details!

deconstruction, agnosticism, atheism 

@bipinnate I would say I'm in a similar boat. I'm living in a framework on Indigenous spirituality, where all things have spirit, interconnectedness and oneness. I think I have a hard time with God/Creator as being, but am okay with not being decided. Lately, I've been trying to move past the concept of deconstruction, or maybe just the wording. Words are powerful, and I don't want to come at everything with a posture of taking it apart.

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Lesser known fact: Science Mike was originally just called @mike. After a terrible motorcycle accident his body was rebuilt thanks to science. He then added science to pay respect.


Here is a blog post I wrote! I share about some of the journey of deconstruction, and where I sense that is taking me, or what's happening.

@mike you make an appearance. 😏

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