I don't know if anyone can - but I need some help.
The short version - I'm a 9 - I like everything to just be ok. My daughter is a 1 - and she's very hard on herself. She is very stressed over a competition this weekend that she feels she has to do well in, even though she is very new to the sport. She's going to be calling me in a little while - how do I help her? Seriously, what can I say to her as a 1 that will actually help? I can elaborate if needed, but this is the bare bones.

@VickiW In general, I wish I had known about the growth mindset earlier in life. Knowing how much hard work factors into success, versus natural ability, would have let me tap into my natural discipline instead of shaming myself for not having more natural inclination and ease. The book 'mindset' by Carol Dweck could help.
Don't hesitate to ask more questions!


@Wanderlust I requested the book from my library - I'm #30 on 3 copies!
I really like what you said about natural discipline vs natural inclination. That is something she will very much understand and appreciate. She has commented how she often shows a natural aptitude for things, gets lots of praise for it, then peters out when she reaches that limit. She's rarely had someone encourage her past that point. And part of her stress is feeling like she's reached that boundary now in ballroom.

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