I don't know if anyone can - but I need some help.
The short version - I'm a 9 - I like everything to just be ok. My daughter is a 1 - and she's very hard on herself. She is very stressed over a competition this weekend that she feels she has to do well in, even though she is very new to the sport. She's going to be calling me in a little while - how do I help her? Seriously, what can I say to her as a 1 that will actually help? I can elaborate if needed, but this is the bare bones.

@VickiW hi, 1w2 here! It may be helpful to understand some about 4s, since 1s go to 4 in stress. I can't speak for everyone else, but for me personally I'd ask her to tell you about why she chose this sport, how it makes her feel, what she's proud of herself for so far. 1s spend zero time being proud of themselves, lol, so it helps to set that stage.


@Wanderlust This is perfect actually. I'm very new to the enneagram and so yesterday when I was trying to get ideas how to talk to her, I was browsing through a book I bought but haven't read yet on the subject. I randomly stumbled across a sentence in the chapter on 4s that said they want to feel special and was hit by how true that is for her. Thank you for commenting on that aspect!

@VickiW you are such a good mom to be researching like this!

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