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Need help from a Liturgists Patron 

@mike When you're ready for me to try again, just say the word!

@Earthman Hate to break it to you, but that song came out in 2008! 😀

Need help from a Liturgists Patron 

@shawn @mike I'm still getting same results and have never seen an email. Happy to help by continuing to try, but that's probably all I can contribute to this one!

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Is anyone else going to see Gungor in Columbus tomorrow?

I've been asking myself a new question each morning (well, this is my second day!). What does self-care look like today? Apparently yesterday the answer was to act like a sloth! But sometimes that really is the answer! Today looks a little different.

@iwappes Not that I'm aware of (doesn't mean it doesn't exist), but isn't that really just the "Local Timeline"?

Need help from a Liturgists Patron 

@mike I just tried and got the same results. I am an my Dell Laptop.

Need help from a Liturgists Patron 

@mike I removed Facebook from being attached to Patreon, pretty much got the same error - haven't seen an email yet

Need help from a Liturgists Patron 

@mike I'm still getting the same error! :(


@Ricci Oh - blessings to both of you!

Need help from a Liturgists Patron 

@mike This is what I got

@JeanetteJohnson @Rachel @brandice Small update - we had a text conversation at midnight because she finally crashed! She's fine, just the post event crash. And since the anxiety leading up to this event was pretty high, the crash was pretty hard.

@Rachel @JeanetteJohnson @brandice My daughter had her competition today and had so much fun! She and her partner were both very happy with how they did - total success! Thank you to all of you for helping me help her this past week.

Patting myself on the back for figuring out how to get TAATR in my podcast player. Thanks @mike for sending out that email!

@Wanderlust This is perfect actually. I'm very new to the enneagram and so yesterday when I was trying to get ideas how to talk to her, I was browsing through a book I bought but haven't read yet on the subject. I randomly stumbled across a sentence in the chapter on 4s that said they want to feel special and was hit by how true that is for her. Thank you for commenting on that aspect!

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