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@mike It was great getting to meet you last night. Thank you for that moving talk and for being the kind of person that you are. Your vulnerability is an inspiration. Hope to see you again soon!

pronoun usage/designation 

I hope I can verbalize this. As a cis female in my upper 40s, I have not felt the need to designate my pronouns. In fact, I wonder if so doing would actually be appropriation of a sort. Or, is my feeling a result of privilege? Would I be more or less supportive by publicly declaring my preferred pronouns? Does it even matter? I am asking this very seriously.

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Suicide, domestic violence, video of TheoEd talks 

This is the livestream of the TheoEd in tonight. Speakers Pete Enns, Diana Butler Bass, Mike McHargue (Science Mike) and Patrick Reyes gave profound and moving talks. @mike spoke about an issue that affects so many, but no one wants to talk about. Thank you, @mike for your honesty and vulnerability. Talks start at 15:30.

@mike So, if I had been articulate this evening I would have said how much I appreciate you and The Liturgists. I was in a very lonely place when I was introduced to the podcast. I felt a huge weight being lifted and have felt so renewed since I started listening. So many books, so many podcasts, I can barely keep up. THANK YOU for all that you do - and the hugs!

But the sun is shining through the trees, there's a lovely flock of teeny birds in my yard that I can hear and watch. And the coffee really is lovely.

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My morning plan - sleep in a bit since daughter needed me up late last night. Nice cup of coffee (thank you hubby for getting it ready to go), peruse the internet and read my first Richard Rohr daily meditation.
My morning reality - sleep in and coffee -yeah, got those. Along with daughter and husband texting me - daughter still stressed, hubby just chatty. And then the cat threw up while standing on top of an entertainment shelf.
Time for a deep breath and "take 2"

Received All About Love today. Also found it interesting that one of the chapters in one of the other books that I am reading starts with a quote from AAL.

@vishnu Just found out I'll be running merch in Atlanta! So excited!

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of obligation I feel regarding Facebook. I want to seriously prune my friends list, but feel obligated by family connections and old church connections to not unfriend SO many people.

If someone advertised a "book sale" like a "yard sale" - would you go?

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So I decided to re-organize my thinking around my books. I now have three books I consider to be "in progress" with a nice list of "want to read" books. It's all semantics, but I feel less overwhelmed now! And the goal is to finish one of the three before All About Love arrives.

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PSA toot: do not give up on this platform because you are afraid you aren’t deep enough, or have the right book to recommend, or scientific theory to cite. You are welcome here. Playfulness, encouragement, and sharing joy - is welcome here.

Trying to clear out my book shelf - does anyone know anything about the following books:

Sin by Paula Fredriksen
Doubt by Jennifer Michael Hecht
The Happiness Myth by Jennifer Michael Hecht
Thank God for Evolution by Michael Dowd

All of these were acquired early in my unraveling and I haven't gotten to them yet. Trying to figure out where in the ranking they go!

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Just curious, what are people’s thoughts about topics for this group? Should we be just posting things related to Liturgists topics or can we post anything about our lives and interests?

Social media is weird. Because of all our conversations - I feel the need to go through my "Friends" list on Facebook and clean house - only keep as "friends" people I actually know and are actively in my life. Then there are the people I follow and who follow me here. I literally do not know a single one of them in real life! Although I am hoping to get to shake hands with @mike this Sunday!

Y'all - I'm SO conflicted! I have about 9 books currently in progress, so I really shouldn't get/start a new one. But I really want to join in .

What to do, what to do!?


@Jeff @Jacob I also posted this quote, but on a "secret" group - not ready to go there publicly on Facebook:
"Some atheists say lots of things that are true, and some Christians are full of shit." - Rob Bell, What Is the Bible?

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