I thought the other deconstructing parents of young children out there might enjoy this:
My daughter age 6: “Mommy, I think there is a lot we can learn about God from just regular books like this one” as we snuggle in to read a Daniel Tiger book.
Me: “I completely agree, sweet girl” (it’s just taken me 30 years longer than her to see that beautiful truth)

I was at the Nashville gathering, so I did not listen to the Fear episode right away since I heard it live. Anyway, I just listened and apparently I am one of the 6 who listened to both Buddhist podcasts. I even asked @vishnu A question for the third episode. Does anyone know if they have posted the third Buddhist episode to Patreon? I could not find it.

More Goodness from Richard Rohr’s Universal Christ: “If you are frightened into God, it is never the true God that you meet. If you are loved into God, you meet a God worthy of both Jesus and Christ.”

I am so excited to read this. Any other Liturgists reading it as well? Are you listening to the companion 12 episode podcast he’s doing?

Hi! I’m excited about finding community here and a place to ask questions as I deconstruct/reconstruct. As a mom to three kids, I particularly want to find community with other parents especially those whose spouses/partners are not going through deconstruction.

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