I am so excited to read this. Any other Liturgists reading it as well? Are you listening to the companion 12 episode podcast he’s doing?

@VickyMcKinney My copy should arrive any day. Waiting to listen to the podcast along with the book. One of my Lenten practices.

@VickyMcKinney I've only just started it tonight. I'm looking forward to the podcast as well!!!

I'm reading it and trying to listen to the podcast. Only made it through the first chapter because I felt like I needed to go back and read it again to soak it all up. I may need to speed up my pace though because I got it from the library. Ha!

@VickyMcKinney The book and podcast sound so interesting. I haven’t read any Rohr though and I’ve been wondering if this would be a good starting point or if there’s a better intro book 🤔

@zachallann I’ve been listening to his homilies (which are podcasted) and receive his daily email. I’ve listened to the first 3 podcasts that go along with his book.

@zachallann if it weren’t for Richard Rohr, I probably wouldn’t call myself a Christian. But bc of him and other great mystic thinkers (like @mike) I can find a sense of home as a CHRISTian.

@VickyMcKinney coming into to my local bookstore any day now. Already listened to the first three podcasts.

@VickyMcKinney I'm starting it tonight! Thanks to the incredible timing of the bomb cyclone, which cancelled class and bought me a week off assigned reading. 😄 Been waiting to listen to the podcast until I can do so alongside the book. Rohr/CAC is one of the few forces keeping me within the Christian sphere, lately. I heard him speak on the Universal Christ at a conference last year; can't wait to go deeper on the subject.

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