I thought the other deconstructing parents of young children out there might enjoy this:
My daughter age 6: “Mommy, I think there is a lot we can learn about God from just regular books like this one” as we snuggle in to read a Daniel Tiger book.
Me: “I completely agree, sweet girl” (it’s just taken me 30 years longer than her to see that beautiful truth)

@Melissa @mike @Ricci This is real! I saw “The Cowboy Monkey” perform just last week at the Franklin (TN) rodeo! 🙈

Children cussing 

@mamaria I have a daughter (7 years old) who has somewhere picked up dammit and god dammit whenever she’s disappointed about something or mad she has to do something she doesn’t want to do 🙄 and so we teach her she .can say “oh man!” Or “bummer!”
Then we give her lots of verbal praise and positive reinforcement when she uses the appropriate replacement phrases. 😊

Children cussing 

@mamaria Remaining calm is important. 👍🏻 Also, validate their feelings and be sure to give them the appropriate words to use. For example, you might say something like “I can see you are upset/mad/angry. When you are angry can say ‘I’m so mad!’ (Or whatever phrase works for you and your kiddos)”

@mason Hi! I’m also special ed teacher! Now I serve as an autism consultant for our district, but taught special ed in elementary for 7 years. What age do you teach?

@mason I love that! I have a dream of being able to grow a beautiful garden.

@levi @Benrparris I’m a 1! But a 1w2, although I often wonder if I’m a 3 or 8....

steven curtis chapman 

@levi love that! “Genuinely good humans” 👍🏻

steven curtis chapman 

@levi I know the wife of one of the guys in Colony House and he’s a really nice guy as well!!

@Daryn I’m just starting to listen now but a little disappointed that I’m going to have to wait for @vishnu ’s next This podcast to hear discussion on how social justice and Buddhism can co-exist.

@Corina @vishnu yes! I saw that! I’m listening now but a little disappointed that I’m going to have to wait for @vishnu ’s next This podcast to hear discussion on how social justice and Buddhism can co-exist.

@Daryn yay!!! I was just asking this morning about whether it had come out yet!

I was at the Nashville gathering, so I did not listen to the Fear episode right away since I heard it live. Anyway, I just listened and apparently I am one of the 6 who listened to both Buddhist podcasts. I even asked @vishnu A question for the third episode. Does anyone know if they have posted the third Buddhist episode to Patreon? I could not find it.

More Goodness from Richard Rohr’s Universal Christ: “If you are frightened into God, it is never the true God that you meet. If you are loved into God, you meet a God worthy of both Jesus and Christ.”

@Leah @vishnu Here’s the social media post I made yesterday when our family celebrated my daughter, Mara!
“Happy World Down Syndrome Day from Mara... a silly, music loving, horseback riding, cheerleading, kind, empathetic, Chick-Fil-a loving, unconditionally friendly, piano playing, eager to help, first grade gymnast, Odd Squad super fan, Sunday schooler, dancer, swimmer, friend, daughter, big sister, painter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, performer, and all around EXTRAordinary girl!!“

@zachallann if it weren’t for Richard Rohr, I probably wouldn’t call myself a Christian. But bc of him and other great mystic thinkers (like @mike) I can find a sense of home as a CHRISTian.

@zachallann I’ve been listening to his homilies (which are podcasted) and receive his daily email. I’ve listened to the first 3 podcasts that go along with his book.

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