So, how do you teach yourself to fall asleep more easily/quickly. I seem to recall @vishnu being able to fall asleep anywhere super quickly but that it had taken quite some time to perfect that skill.

I've exhausted all the basic tips and tricks. I mainly struggle with middle of the night wake ups (which happen a lot with a young baby in the house).

Post partum depression 

I'm a mom of two (2.5 yr old and a 2 week old). Did you know 10 % of mothers get PPD/PPA (anxiety)?

If you have a history of mood disorders your chance is even higher, upwards of 20%.

Post partum mood disorders are not your fault. They are treatable and the sooner you get help the faster recovery can be and yes you will be able to enjoy your child (eventually).

Getting help IS being a good mom.

I phoned my psychiatrist today.

Church and lgb people 

My church positively surprised me this morning with the sermon about compassion and homosexuality. While they sadly won't marry non heterosexual couples they explicitly stated that they will baptise practicing lgb people and that they are very welcome for communion. And that we all have to look at ourselves first and love our neighbours. It's a start, at least.

I'm excited for this positive, honest space :) Hi all!

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