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Hey its another
enneagram 6, probably w7. Gamer of digital and analog varieties. Outdoor enthusiast. Husband and Dad. Collaboration, Ideation, Creation. Enjoy all Star Trek iterations, The Good Place and The West Wing. Oh and I work at a School of Biblical Studies in Orlando, FL 😲

Greetings Alabamians I'm visiting for a few days. Just got back from BHM Legion game. It was great! Any good tea/coffee places around Trussville/Springville area?

Any recommendations for non-profits to donate hair? Male, some gray. I see most places start accepting at 8-12 inches. I'm at 8-ish. I don't mind going to the scalp if that gets more hair. Right now I'm leaning towards "hair we share"

Day 4 #NightOwlFitness extra late edition... 

Well Day 3 of is now Day 1 of Foundations. Starting small so I'm doing level 1. Join along if you are interested. I got this plan from Darebee. There is also an even easier one called Foundation Lite if you need.

You know your parent brain needs more sleep when it's creating mashups of the theme song "I'm Grown" from GROWN•ish and Elmo's World.

A United Methodist Lament 

UM anxiety 

Anyone using the Monk Manual? I'm only on the first week. I'm enjoying it but I'm having a hard time doing it for weekends or days off. That time is valuable so I know its just as beneficial if not more so since its I probably waste the most time.

Man I cannot keep up with Twitter and Mastodon. Great conversations happening on both!

Pro tip: content warning doesn't hide account names if that's why you are using content warning


church life/death Rant 

church life/death Rant 

church life/death Rant 

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@brettdh I know. I’m dead about it. Just bawling. I can NOT believe we did this!!!

Anyone have enviromentially safe ideas and tips for getting rid of paints and chemicals?

Best product ever made. I regret nothing. I've owned for over 6 years still looks and works new and if it died immediately following this toot I'd buy it again full price before my tears we're dry. Where my tea drinkers at?

Anyone figure out how to get mastalab to push notifications? And everytime I refresh the home timeline it's always 40 notifications. Is that a hard limit?

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