Best product ever made. I regret nothing. I've owned for over 6 years still looks and works new and if it died immediately following this toot I'd buy it again full price before my tears we're dry. Where my tea drinkers at?

@Wisekris I didn’t know this tea maker was a thing! So you add tea and cold water and it boils then adds the tea?
I love tea! My current favourites are French earl grey and this fruity green tea from T2


Yeah loose or bag in a little magnetic basket. You set time and temp. It has presets for the broad categories of tea and strength settings as well as custom setting for each. Once water reaches temp it lowers basket for specified steep time and raises automatically. You can have it move basket up/down the whole steep time if you want it really strong and it can continue to keep the finished tea warm to temp for 1hr. It's absolutely amazing.

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